5.-9.8.2014 Tolmin Slovenija

    Fakofbolan - Finest Croatian street punk band!

    20 years of keeping punk rock alive and active on the streets of probably the most punk city in Croatia and a new record with a picturescue name that resembles today’s society in this part of Europe is more than good enough reason to host this amazing band on Punk Rock Holiday 1.4!
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    Adolescents - From pro skater to pro holiday

    After a sad cancellation of Guttermouth, we were fortunate to find Adolescents being in the neighbourhood and quickly replaced their slot. Adolescents are coming back after the nostalgic performance in 2012. This time with a fresh record and of course a lot of classics from their most influential Blue album… Amoebaaa-a!
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    NOFX - No special effects – pure fun on Punk Rock Holiday!

    Back in 2011 the confirmation of NOFX was the key factor of moving the festival to the amazing location in Tolmin and the inception of Punk Rock Holiday we all enjoyed over the last 3 years. And after a smashing show this August in Ljubljana, when even Fat Mike twitted afterwards: "My favorite show in years on video! Slovenia rules!", there was no doubt, NOFX was gonna headline Punk Rock Holiday 1.4! Enjoy the video Mike was referring to and see you in Tolmin!
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    Leftöver Crack - served in Tolmin!

    Some Leftover Crack will be served for the first time in Slovenia. Anarcho ska punk blend spiced by radical left wing lyrics opposing religion, capitalism and authority. So fuck the authority! Again and again!
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    Local Resident Failure - finally in Europe!

    Local Resident Failure are a punk band from Newcastle, Australia and have been active since 2007. In that time they have played throughout Australia and released several releases including 2012's 'A Breath of Stale Air'. They are currently working on their second album which is to be released before they head to Europe for their first ever international tour in August.
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    Andead - don’t destroy anything!

    "Build, not burn" it's the title of the third Andead album. 9 songs between Punk-Rock and Folk, the main influences are American songwriter (there is also a cover where the band pay tribute to John Mellencamp), but also Elvis, Joe Strummer and old school punk rock.The concept of the album is focused on building and not destroying anything. The true and original punk rock feeling to play live as much as possible to grew up everyday not only as musicians, but also as men.Andead wanna grew up, and they can't wait to play on Punk Rock Holiday!
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    Real Life Version - local progress

    Real Life Version originating from Slovenia have risen from a strong local hardcore scene in their hometown Ajdovscina which was the centre of alternative music in the area. The band formed in late 2005, continuing the legacy of legendary local bands.Real Life Version represent rock attitude with punk d.i.y. mentality, with friendship being the driving force behind their music. Knowing that the only way for the alternative music to thrive is to support it, they have been organizing shows for touring bands since 2007. Having done more than 50 shows for over 100 bands they are proving not to be only a great live performing band, but also a group of people who lives through their ideas and not just contemplating them. 2013 marked a new chapter of the band with the new album called “The Sound of Progress”, that has been released in late September.
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    Malemute Kid -

    Born in 2009, Malemute Kid is a four-piece italian band from Torino, inspired by 90′s American punk-rock (Lifetime and Kid Dynamite above all) but with some modern influences and a strong personality.After having cut their teeth at numerous shows between Italy and Europe, opening for such bands as Polar Bear Club, Smoke Or Fire, Teenage Bottlerocket, VRGNS, Nothington and Astpai, on december 2011 they released a self-titled 7″ with the Italian label Raining Records.On winter of 2013 they recorded five new songs, mixed by Brian McTernan (Hot Water Music, Strike Anywhere, Polar Bear Club and much others) on Salad Days Studio. A few months later the band has signed to No Reason Records, publishing four of these songs on a new 7” called “Don’t Talk The Scene”, released in collaboration with the German label No Panic! Records.
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    Lagwagon - last but not least

    Somewhere we read Lagwagon is one of the last great underground punk bands before everything went to shit after the 90's. So we booked them.
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    Talco - the Italian revolution arrives!

    Talco defines itself as strongly leftist-oriented band that combines ska punk with elements of folk music and lyrics against fascism, capitalism and imperialism. In their music it is possible to hear influences of Ska-P, The Clash and especially Mano Negra since they often call their music style »Patchanka« after Mano Negra's first album. Talco will provide you with yet another strong dose of energy-packed ska music on this year's festival which will light a fire under your feet!
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    In Other Climes - Metal attack from France!

    Hailing from France, IN OTHER CLIMES is a mix of thrash, metal and hardcore.As reference, they played all over Europe, Scandinavia, Ukraine, USAand Brazil with bands such as Dillinger Escape Plan, Down, Hatebreed, Unearth, Entombed and many more.
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    Ants - Newcomer in Tolmin

    Curiosity to tread unknown roads? Refusal to accept injustice? Just an outlet for their relentless fuckwit'ism? Regardless of the reasons why, Ants! found themselves together in 2011, fusing their lead with your hearts passion for life with their love of fast paced melodic punk music. Since the Illegitimate conception, ANTS! released a 2011 demo, Everything, Ants! and a split 7” with Astpai, providing fuel for the fire of their chaos laden energy inspired live performance. The songs themselves showcase a mixture of personal demons, social commentary and closely held political issues whilst standing alone more as discussions to be held rather than lessons to be taught. With a handful of tours behind them, ANTS! have set their sights on a new record, new tours and adventures with new friends in their future. Onwards to the poetry...
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    Danny Trejo - Newcomer in Tolmin

    DANNY TREJO is coming from the steadily growing DIY-Hardcore Scene of Venice with the different influence of the 6 current and ex-members of Talco, Los Fastidios, Gonna Fall Hard, Inerdzia, Discomfort, Tears Before, Santa Banana. After two european tours in which they shared the stage with Total Chaos, Agnostic Front, This is Hell, Vitamin X, Feed the Rhino, Hit the Switch, Strange Fear, Billy the Kid, Tragedy and manymore, in April 2014 Danny Trejo released their full-length "Human Extinction", produced by Green Records and Trivel Records. A new european tour has being started!!!
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    Me As Well - Newcomer in Tolmin

    Me As Well is punk rock band  formed in 2006. We recorded our first demo 'No Progress' in 2010., and we've been working on our first album currently. We did a lot of shows and minor festivals in different cities, not just punkrock shows, supported bands like Cockney Rejects, Death by Stereo, Morning Glory, Eat Defeat, Pasmaters, Socijalna Služba, the great Franz Nicolay etc., lots of underground shows with bands which enjoy playing music and having fun just like us.
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    Special Delivery - Newcomer in Tolmin!

    Special Delivery is Slovenian d.i.y. punk-rock/reggae/ska band and it's a reincarnation of a band, founded in 2001 by their spiritual leader Primož Kumer. By 2006 Special Delivery recorded 3 albums (Slam's not dead, Musical illusion in Mission Failed), played many concerts in Slovenia, ex-Yugoslavia and other parts of Europe and then they parted their ways due to personal reasons. Band was still active in different formations until the departure of the last remaining founding member in 2012. With the blessing from former members, Special Delivery continue their mission with a completely new lineup.
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    H2O - Go again!

    H2O is comming back to Tolmin after last year’s smashing performance. We saw them on Groezrock a few weeks ago and can easily say their performance was one of the very best we’ve seen in a long time. In case you weren’t there, check out the video below  and you’ll see why we instantly decided to bring them back to Punk Rock Holiday! One Life One Chance!
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    Reel Big Fish - are swimming in the river

    Even though fishing is quite common in Slovenia, this is the first Reel Big Fish caught in this country. Californian ska punk pioneers have been avoiding baits for over 20 years and now we finally hooked them up to deliver a first class hyperkinetic stage show, spiced with juvenile humor, ironic covers of new wave pop songs and metallic shards of ska. Catchy!
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    Sick Of It All - back for more Punk Rock Holiday fun

    Onstage, Sick of it All always prove they have more to give, than fashion and images and gave us one of the most memorable performances of all three previous editions of Punk Rock Holiday. And yes, all the positive energy the band reflects has gathered in a right way to have them back on the bill in 2014. We'll make sure the stage is built to last and carry their massive performance when they step down! Those, who were there in 2012, know what we're talking about…
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    Ignite - finally!

    Going back to the first year, thinking which band we wanna have on the bill, one of the names we thought of was Ignite. And the second and the third and now they're here. And somebody mentioned a new record on the way...
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    Raised Fist - No place for Traitors on Punk Rock Holiday!

    Hard Core shows were always a cherry on top, when it comes to enjoying Punk Rock Holiday atmosphere in full swing. And we're pretty sure that the most powerful and energetic performance, only RAISED FIST is able to serve, will knock your shoes off or at least clean your earwax in case you're not man enough to enter the pit, when RAISED FIST commander brings his army on stage!
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    August Burns Red - Tolmin burns red in August!

    We have to admit we're not very fond of the idea of spoiling our lineup with a horde of generic metalcore bands that's become so common over the last decade, but some bands really stick out of the blur and dragged our attention. And one of the very best ones is definitely AUGUST BURNS RED!
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    The Real McKenzies - real men wear kilt!

    After a 2 year break, one of the most cheerful bands in punk rock is back on stage and working on a new record. Fun is the word that comes to mind when remembering The Real McKenzies shows… and beer, of course. And since we all like fun, we invited The Real Mckenzies back on Punk Rock Holiday!
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    SNFU - bring on the trouble!

    It's really hard to write a short teaser for a band, who's enigmatic frontman went literally to hell and back so many times in his life and wrapped his life experience and observation in the most unique lyrics ever written. In the meantime, check "Open Your Mouth And Say… Mr. Chi Pig" documentary and remember: never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you!
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    A Wilhelm Scream - chasing parties on the beach!

    If you're fed up with everything else, A Wilhelm Scream is here to cater you with some first class punk rock tunes wrapped in the most fun to watch performance. They sure named their last album Partychaser for a reason!
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    The Toasters - Slovenian bread in the toaster!

    The pioneers of the third wave of ska have spent the last 30 years constantly on the road. Even though the lineup was changing on almost every tour, Bucket, always managed to recruit some of the finest musicians and kept band's live performance on the highest level. In 2011, Bucket stepped on stage in Tolmin with musicians from a Slovenian band called Red Five Point Star, who later that year released their 3rd studio album on Megalith Records and toured the USA, supporting The Toasters on their 30th anniversary tour. Apart from some special shows in the USA, this is one of the biggest Toasters lineups in the last 2 decades, you'll be able to enjoy.
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    Implants - All-Star Quality!

    Ten Foot Pole, Pulley, Strung Out, Death By Stereo and The Tank blended in one band? Gotta be good!What else than amazing could we expect from the 5 experienced musicians, who have been writing punk rock history over the last 2 decades in such important bands? Playing the music of their youth under their own terms and blurring the lines of what is thought to be traditional melodic punk rock resulted in a unique Implants sound, that you will love! This is not just another supergroup trying to kill some spare time... Implants are here to stay!
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    Authority Zero - Fuck the Authority!

    Funny thing about Authority Zero is that their amazing new drummer already kicked ass in Tolmin with The Real McKenzies and Good Riddance. Looks like he only plays in the best punk rock bands around and we sure like to book the best punk rock bands on Punk Rock Holiday. And that's the "Tipping Point" Authority Zero steps in!
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    Gnarwolves - party time with a fun band!

    “3 kernow dudes playing party music in Brighton”, this is the description you will find on their websites. And if you google their music, you will find a song called History is Bunk and get instantly hooked! Catchy, enjoyable upbeat and well written punk rock that has become popular without any greasy hype press attention. Look forward to see them live!
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    Old Firm Casuals - Oi! in Tolmin

    Old Firm Casuals is another incarnation of a hyperactive guitarist Lars Frederiksen, who you might also recognize as a significant member of some American band called Rancid. Since the inception in 2010, Old Firm Casuals have released more than a handful of 7" records which prove that the band is more than just a side-project and remains committed to staying a full-time touring band and continue to play shows and write songs with no plans on slowing down. Oi to the world!
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    Bane - will teach you stage dive

    They say they like three things: play shows, eat burritos and goof off. Let’s get goofy then!
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    The Go Set - Bagpipes and guitars worldwide!

    These Australians have created a sound of its own by combining traditional folk instruments with distorted punk guitars & timeless rock n roll energy which reflect best through their explosive, dynamic and engaging live shows. Fits our billing like a glowe!
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    Templeton Pek - bringing more signs!

    Since this industrious unit’s inception back in early 2008, Templeton Pek have certainly made a name for themselves as a seasoned touring outfit, racking up impressive supports with all the biggest punk rock names including a european tour with Rise Against. To conclude, it sounds really promising and we're more than happy to be able to present new outfits that have the potential to carry the punk rock torch in the years to come.
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    21 Stories - about Punk Rock Holiday!

    Dirty streetpunk in your face - 21 Stories from Lower Austria is one of the most active and powerful street punk bands in Austria. So far they have been touring all over Europe and ther is no end in sight. "A Bullet for the Union" was the band's first album and it was released via French label "Carnage Punk Rock".
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    Myspace Invaders - will attack the Punk Rock Holiday!

    Myspace Invaders is a punk rock band form Trieste (Italy), formed in 2007. Each one of the members had previously played in other bands with different musical backgrounds, bringing toghether various influences to My Space Invaders, summing up eventually in what could be defined as a high energy melodic punk/rock. The excellence of the band lies in their energetic live shows, which have kept them busy since the very begninnig, bringing them on stages across Italy, Slovenia and Russia.
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    Rebuke - swinging the cane on Punk Rock Holiday!

    Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, these guys have been playing together since 2003, building up a strong European following thanks to their unshakeable work ethic; self-releasing their songs and touring non-stop. Rebuke challenge their influences by interjecting chunks of metal elements into their fast-paced punk rock. Singing about a mix of political or personal issues, Rebuke keep their lyrical subject matter smart enough to get you thinking, and catchy enough to sing along to.
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    Mental Strike - and do not forget about the beer!

    Short and simple: bunch of slacker friends who play faster than they can drink, but drink more than they can play. Fast skate punk band from Slovenia.
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    Demon Smiles - at Punk Rock Holiday!

    Formed in the UK in 2012, and named after a Lawrence Arms lyric, bassist/vocalist Cat, guitarist/vocalist Joe and drummer Steve got together at a Banner Pilot show. United by a shared frustration at their local scenes, love of the bands that influence them, and passion for playing music, they've been playing their high energy melodic punk rock to anyone who'll listen.
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    Bigblast - smashing the Punk Rock Holiday!

    Bigblast is a female fronted melodic hardcore band from France. With strong lyrics and musical influences from Rise Against to Paramore, they like to connect with people through their music. After more than 120 shows in France & Europe it is clear that those “guys” are definitely not affraid to hit the road! They are motivated, determined and ready to move for their passion and ideas.
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    Night Birds - Night Birds we are!

    This east coast surf inspired punk band based on west coast Fat Wreck Chords, which describes the band as modern morons and ends the introduction with this sentence: "If you like Seinfeld, pizza, horror movies, or any combination of the three, Night Birds may be your new favorite band." Let's check them out!
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    Counterpunch - your next favorite punk rock band!

    We had the pleasure listening to new tracks from the upcoming new album by this amazing Chicago based punk rock quartet. The album was produced by Matt Allison (Menzingers, Alkaline Trio, Less Than Jake, The Lawrence Arms) and should be out this summer. Prepare yourself to see your next favorite punk rock band!
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    Adrenalized - on Punk Rock Holiday!

    Adrenalized is enjoying a punk rock lifestyle full time, sharing their best moments with friends and companions they meet along the road and having the time of their lives. That's what you can feel when you listen to their “Tales From The Last Generation”.
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    Wolf x Down - walking on straight edge

    Over the last 2 months many of us were intrigued by the the latest video Stray From The Path, which serves as an example of a perfect show. Wolf x Down reflect their beliefs about veganism, racism, sexism, homophobia and straight edge lifestyle through their aggressive music. And we love it!
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    Ponte De Carla - Newcomer in Tolmin!

    Croatia (Šibenik) Hardcore Punk band formed in early 2006. In almost 10 years of existence we have released 3 d.i.y. albums. First one called "P.D.C" we released in January 2008, second "Imaj Svoje Ja" in December same year and the last one "Sirens Sound" we have released 2013 in February. For now we have played dozens of concerts all around, we played with Deafness By Noise, Malignant Tumour, Debeli Precjednik, Roger Moore, E.N.D., Crasso De Odio etc. Our new album called "FIGURES" we`ll release in January 2014.
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    Wasted Time - Newcomer in Tolmin!

    A young punkrock band from Tržič, Slovenia. Playing great music while not caring about what people think about it. Breaking strings since 2012.
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    All One to Me - Newcomer in Tolmin!

    After some line-up and name changes over the years, All One to Me now consists of five punk-rock fanatics ready to take over the world. And have a shitload of fun doing it.
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    Lobotomija - Newcomer in Tolmin!

    Lobotomija is a melodic punk band from Zagreb. The band is a part of jeboTon, a "collective" of 6 bands who support each other and promote each other's music. Violin is what makes the band's sound unusual and full of melody. They started playing in 2008 and since then they did numerous gigs around Croatia and Slovenia, two poorly recorded demo's and one EP. Nevertheless they are now working on their first album which should be out before summer.
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    Start At Zero - Newcomer in Tolmin!

    Start At Zero line-up consists of young guys from the town of Ajdovščina. The band’s roots date back to the summer of 2012, when the guys were brought together by a wish to make their own punk-rock music and to present it at various concerts. They have already done several smaller gigs. During the last few months, they have been particularly busy preparing their debut album.
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    SKAgetHER - Newcomer in Tolmin!

    Since the summer of 2009 band SKAgetHER is making awesome, lively ska, ska-punk and reggae music for their audience in smaller clubs, house parties, and bigger festivals too. The formation of the band is really mixed one, mostly because all the members are from different cities, like Subotica, Stara Moravica, Mali Iđoš. About the lyrics, we can say they are really colorful, starting from society problems, describing human characteristics, they are even about love, relationships, etc. First audio recording was made at the end of 2010. which is called „Mondd meg!” (Tell me!), and the second one in the row was made during the summer of 2013, where songs are recorded on 3 different languages (Hungarian, Serbian and English). The purpose of this was to show and to prove that this band isn’t accepting any intolerance, and they are showing their work about equality, love, and respect.
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    Stepped Out - Newcomer in Tolmin!

    Melodic hardcore band from Split, Croatia, active since 2011. Inspired by everyday surroundings and lack of fairs in local underground scene, the band self-releases two EP-s - "Through The Storms" in 2011, and a new 6-track EP called "Distorted Values" in 2013. The band's only interest is to play loud music so join us in the pit!
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Leftöver Crack
Local Resident Failure
Real Life Version
Malemute Kid
In Other Climes
Danny Trejo
Me As Well
Special Delivery
Reel Big Fish
Sick Of It All
Raised Fist
August Burns Red
The Real McKenzies
A Wilhelm Scream
The Toasters
Authority Zero
Old Firm Casuals
The Go Set
Templeton Pek
21 Stories
Myspace Invaders
Mental Strike
Demon Smiles
Night Birds
Wolf x Down
Ponte De Carla
Wasted Time
All One to Me
Start At Zero
Stepped Out

Artist line-up complete, new trailer released

Great news for all of you longing for the start of this year’s Punk Rock Holiday: Now that the artist line-up is complete, we have released a short but fine trailer...


Even if this year’s Punk Rock Holiday won’t officially start before the 5th August, we can offer a nice appetizer to all early arrivers already on Monday, 4th August!